Monitoring as a Service

Ensuring that your buildings and infrastructure assets continue to run at optimal levels and without disruption is essential to both your organisation’s productivity and its bottom line. Yet traditional approaches to asset management and maintenance involve slow response times, disruptive site visits and costly periods of downtime.

Mitie is challenging this inefficient approach by embracing digital transformation and data analytics, through our industry-leading Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) offering. This proven solution provides secure remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure the ongoing resilience, efficiency and comfort of your buildings and assets.

The service

Data lies at the heart of our Monitoring as a Service solution. That data can be drawn from a range of sources, including your buildings, processes and people. We revitalise your investment in Building Management Systems (BMS) and associated infrastructure, supplementing it with Internet of Things sensors to address any gaps.

But it’s not just about collecting data, it’s about analysing it and drawing out prioritised and actionable insights. That’s the real power of our offering. Through the technology and subject matter experts in place in our Service Operation Centre, we can remotely monitor and analyse the performance of your facilities, including your infrastructure assets, energy management, and wellbeing and comfort policies.

Our analytics platform applies automated rules to flag-up issues that our experienced engineers can then act upon. This includes assessing, diagnosing and predicting when an asset failure could potentially occur so that we can intervene before it does, thereby reducing downtime and improving your asset resilience.

Many issues can be resolved remotely by our team, reducing response times and on-site disruption. But for those that can’t, we can ensure an appropriately skilled person armed with the right tools, parts and information is dispatched to carry out the work.

Reduces costs

Optimises asset performance

Mitigates risk of asset downtime

Ensures ‘right first time’ response

Offers single view of facilities, assets, energy use and comfort policies

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