The objective

Improve the working environment and reduce energy consumption.


The Red Bull Racing team is renowned for cutting-edge technology and highly detailed data analysis. The complex telemetry, fed from their cars on circuits across the World, is analysed in real-time at their Milton Keynes HQ. The insight gained, enables the team to make the critical adjustments that often form the winning difference. Having chosen to apply the same datacentric approach to managing their facilities, they turned to Mitie for help.

Mitie undertook a comprehensive Building Use Survey to evaluate usage by its 270 regular occupants.


  • An increase in productivity of at least 5%
  • A 3.4% per annum reduction in energy costs

Based on our findings, we configured and installed 442 sensors in multiple locations to monitor temperature, noise, light, air quality, humidity, motion and occupancy. We created a three-dimensional model of the entire site.

Finally, we commissioned our Remote Operations Centre to monitor the data. Data analysis highlights no less than 184 hitherto unquantifiable breaches of the organisation’s comfort policy – confirming suspicions of many of the building occupants. Lighting and air conditioning systems were also poorly configured to respond to fluctuations in building occupancy.


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