Engineering & Maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Ensuring your infrastructure remains at its optimal performance levels, with minimal downtime, through a cost-effective predictive maintenance regime. Enabled through remote, real-time monitoring and analytics of your assets and building infrastructure. This includes remote monitoring of fire systems to ensure they are in top operational condition at all times.

Asset performance optimisation

Reducing the risk and duration of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment failures through remote monitoring. This is delivered through a combination of remote, real-time monitoring of the equipment and analysis of building information modelling data, which allows us to detect anomalies automatically.

Compliance management

Ensuring infrastructure assets comply with service and maintenance standards and regulations through building and management information alerts. This includes preventing the risk of Legionella infection through a combination of tap and pipe sensors that monitor for the presence of the bacteria, and data analytics and insight that alerts facilities managers in real-time to the potential risk and need for action.

Maintainenance based on demand

Predict system and asset failure

Reduce insurance premiums


Mitie has been providing specialist services to multiple industries across multiple business functions for over 30 years. The knowledge and experience gained, combined with our extensive research and development and data science capabilities, ensures the consultancy we provide is second to none.


Data can make a profound difference to the way a business operates. But what happens when the data collected isn't the right data to provide accurate answers? And what if the questions asked of it are not the right questions? Our data science team knows which data to collect, how to collect it, and vitally, the questions to ask of it, to provide truly insightful answers. 

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