Demand-led cleaning

The introduction of demand-led, outcome-focused cleaning resulting in increased responsiveness and efficiency, greater wellbeing, and reduced wastage of cleaning supplies. Reactive cleaning technology can quickly alert your facilities management team to spillages or incidents ensuring that areas are cleaned based upon need and level of use rather than through arbitrary, scheduled cleaning.

Service optimisation

Ensuring that your cleaning workforce know what they need to do, when, where and how to do it. Delivered through a combination of management dashboards used to schedule and manage reactive tasks, and handheld or wearable devices carried by your cleaners that allow them to easily confirm when they have started and completed tasks.

Smart washroom

Management of cleanliness, utilisation and supply levels of your washroom through the addition of devices and sensors. The insights that can be provided include cubicle occupancy and usage monitoring, washroom queue monitoring, bin capacity sensors, or consumable level sensors for toilet roll and soap dispensers.

Optimise service delivery

Reduce waste

Resource on-demand


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